Drain Repair

a plumber crouched down as he repairs a sink's drain trapOlympic Plumbing & Drain will provide quality drain repair for your home, business, or property. We take care of leaks both inside and outside of your property, including water main and sewer main repairs.

Drain Cleaning

Is your drain backing up? Clogged kitchen sink or bathtub? With our video camera drain inspection services, Olympic Plumbing & Drain will get right down to the bottom of the problem. Once we’ve pinpointed the issue, our power rooter will clear any blockage, cleaning your drains quickly and efficiently.

Drain Installation

Putting in a new sink? Want better drainage for your bathroom or basement? We provide fast, quality drainage installations for sinks, tubs, showers, basements, and yards, including drain tile, weeping tile, and sump pump systems. Keep your household dry and happy!

Perimeter Drains

Protect your biggest investment! Keep rain and groundwater flowing AWAY from your house. Olympic Plumbing & Drain will perform installation, repair, or cleaning for any new or existing perimeter drains on your property.